Top 5 K-Beauty Trends in Skincare for 2022

by Musedesire

Top 5 K-Beauty Trends in Skincare for 2022

1. Vitamin A Infused Skincare 


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Retinol has performed a big position in shaping the skincare state of affairs in 2021. This Vitamin A derivative will effortlessly chime into the New Year for terribly obvious reasons and it’s going to stand real to Korean skincare as nicely. We’re certain to peer extra retinol-infused serums, face oils, sheet masks and other topical products. 

2. Fermented Ingredients 


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Fermented rice water is a famous k-beauty component useful for skin and hair. Not simplest will the efficacy of fermented rice water growth in 2022 however along with it will come different ingredients as well which can be gentler at the skin. Fermented tea for instance is already at the run to emerge as one of all K-beauty’s most popular elements.

3. Chlorophyll-Infused Products

Back in 2020, netizens went gaga while splendour influencers started including chlorophyll extracts to water and ingesting it claiming that it turned into good for acne and scars. While we can not confirm the one’s claims, chlorophyll is validated to contain Vitamins including A, C, E and K, all of which can be important skincare ingredients for healthful skin. When used topically, chlorophyll additionally has anti-microbial properties that help lessen acne scars and inflammation. 

4. Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly Pear Seed Oil can be new to the skincare scene however is hastily growing in recognition for its properties in fatty acids like Omega-6, Omega-9 and so on. The Vitamin E levels present in the oil promotes cell increase and regeneration to reveal more healthy-looking skin.

5. Minimalist Skincare 

model doing SkincareContrary to the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine, we are seeing a shift in simpler and time-evasive regimes to travel well into 2022 as nicely. Sustainable packaging, multi-use products in skincare, haircare and beauty, mild and vegan elements are simply a number of the changes we will be seeing on the core in the Korean beauty shape.