Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat
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Musedesire Sutera Stone Bath Mat

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Traditional Bath Mats Are Gross & Dangerous

Make This Simple Bathroom Switch For Increased Safety & Hygiene

Traditional bath mats are made from cheap fabrics that take forever to dry and leave puddles CDC, over 190000 Americans slip on wet bathroom floors every year! Fabric bath mats are also breeding grounds for bacteria, which can transfer to your body and cause skin irritation or foot fungus.

Fortunately, there's now a more hygienic way to dry your feet and keep your bathroom floor safe from slipping hazards. The Sutera Stone Bath Mat is made of 100% top-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) - a quick-drying, anti-slip material that absorbs water in seconds and fully evaporates it in minutes. And since DE doesn't ever need to be washed or lose its drying power, it can keep your bathroom floor clean, dry & safe for decades.

“Water droplets literally vanish in seconds... ” 

See how Sutera Stone Bath Mat can keep your bathroom dry, clean, no-slip, & germ-free.

Dries Quickly = Never Soggy, Smelly, or Slippery


The soft, chalky texture firmly grips your feet. Plus, the special non-slip mat that comes with the Stone Bath Mat helps to keep it from sliding on the floor. Absorbed moisture quickly evaporates, so your bathroom floor stays slime-free, clean, and slip-resistant. 
Traditional bath mats never truly dry, making them the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria & fungi. Diatomaceous Earth allows moisture to fully evaporate in minutes, so germs simply can’t live on the material. 
Unlike ordinary bath mats that need constant washing and replacing to keep them clean, the Stone Bath Mat never has to be washed. See a stain? Simply use the sanding tool to scrub it away.
The Stone Bath Mat’s porous surface has millions of small holes that instantly absorb moisture. If you step on it with wet feet, footprints disappear in seconds! Plus, no more lingering puddles on the floor.
The Sutera Stone Bath Mat uses only pure, top-grade Diatomaceous Earth. Made of fossilized algae with no chemical treatments, colorants, preservatives, or fragrances... it’s 100% safe for even the most sensitive skin.
The first time you step on the Stone Bath Mat you’ll feel a completely new texture. Unlike fabric bath mats that feel soggy or gross, the Stone Bath Mat feels velvety-smooth — pampering your skin after a shower. Plus, it looks clean and elegant on any bathroom floor.

The Sutera Stone Bath Mat: 
Transform The Look, Smell, & Feel of Your Bathroom

Our customers report feeling cleaner, safer from slipping, and even comfier in their bathroom with The Stone Bath Mat. With its elegant look and texture, it also feels like a luxury upgrade from traditional fabric mats.

The Verdict Is In:

Americans Love Sutera Stone Bath Mat

Here’s what verified customers are saying: 

“Our bathroom, being a high-foot-traffic area, desperately needed this. I hated changing our mats all the time (had to since there’s 5 of us using the same shower and dripping on the mats every day). Imagine going from washing about 10 bath mats a week to just 1 now. I tell you, this changed my laundry routine forever.” 

Sharon W.